My Mission

To guide and motivate you to achieve your full fitness potential and enhance the quality of your life.– Emilie Malik

Try EM’s Signature Program to suits your individual needs and goals.

Emilie shares with you her passion for Fitness. She offers Private one to one sessions either in the comfort of your own house or in her studio in Northwood.

She also teaches a wide range of Group Fitness classes from spinning, aqua aerobics, Zumba, Leg Bums and Tums, Tabata HIIT training, Body Combat, Pilates, Barre Concept in several Leisure centres in the Ruislip/Hillingdon area as well as .

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Diet Programs

Do you know the phrase: “You are what you eat”  Nutrition counts for 80% of the way you look and exercise for 20%.  If you want to transform your body, as well as increase your fitness level, boost your energy, then try EM’s  Diet Program.

Combining 10 to 20 minute daily workouts and clean eating will give you AMAZING results.

Help yourself to make positive changes to the way you eat and train.

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