Emilie’s VIP group

A year ago I joined Emilie’ zoom classes. Not only I have enjoyed a great variety of classes but the variation within each class has been huge. There’s always been something different and something challenging. Strangely, today was my first outside zumba class – great fun – an enormous thank you for the past year. […]

Nadia’s Testimonial

“I went on the little black dress diet after a long period of hopelessness with losing weight.  I did the diet for 2 weeks and lost 2.1 kgs and got a good start on the journey of weight loss.  Emilie was so helpful and asked every day how I was doing and offered extra support […]

Julia’s Best Ever Diet Program

“One of the best programme I have been on (and there was a few). For everyone who wants to start looking after their body fro the inside as well as the outside is a MUST”

Sarika’s wake up call

Sarika’s says ” I lost 3 kg in 2 weeks, I love being with you when I woke up and I started eating right. I am feeling good with myself compare to before. Thank you ever so much”

Cilla’s lifestyle change

” I lost a total of 20 cm overall and got down to 63.2 kg. Overall I am felling very light and have much more energy. I am really enjoying the meals and realise that once you start eating clean you no longer need to snack as the good food fills you up. Thank you […]

Sue’s transformation

I did this amazing 28 day EM-FITNESS Programme and I can’t believe how it’s changed my body shape. I lost over a stone – 7.7kg to be precise and I feel great with so much energy than I’ve ever had before. The programme has completely changed the way I think about the food I eat […]

Pauline’s amazing results

Her results: Weight: Total loss 6.8kg Chest: Total loss 2 inches Waist: Total loss 3inches I’ve always had a couple of stone to lose and I’ve always loved, what I now know are the wrong foods for me, bread, pasta and anything carb-rich! When Emilie mentioned she was launching this programme, I was excited to […]