Perfect, if you’re looking to stay or get into shape for whatever occasion or if you simply want to shift those stubborn pounds, maybe tighten your skin and tone up to strengthen your confidence then this is the ideal solution for you.

You don’t have to workout for hours to improve your fitness, just follow her guidelines. With only 20 minutes of daily High Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”) exercises you will continue to burn fat all day long!

No need to go out! You can exercise at home, work; anywhere, anytime.
No need to book a class or get the kids looked after, … all you need is a computer or a phone and a mat!

If High Intensity exercises are not for you, don’t worry, she has also teaches Low Impact Classes which are equally effectives and incorporates a combination of Pilates, conditioning and Barre exercises!

Here are just some of the benefits of EM-Fitness VIP Group:

  • Access to a library of mini workouts from her VIP Facebook Group that you can do anytime;
  • Join her live classes, pay as you go, book and check her calendar;
  • Join her support groups either using what’s app or the facebook group;
  • Get daily motivation tips and nutrition tips; and

At the end of the month she will offer you an option to carry on if you like Tone @Home and want to carry on. By making positive changes to the way you train, you won’t want to stop. The Goodness is addictive! Read the testimonials of the people who have been on her program during the past few years.

If you are ready to be and stay physically and mentally fit, just contact her to join the next online program !

Simply use the Contact page to ask any questions if you are unsure or have any medical issues. There’s something here for everybody, no matter what your age, gender, level of experience or ability.

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